Product Data Sheets and User Guides

All Product Brochures, User Guides and Certificates of Conformity are available to download from this section:

Loop amplifiers

Univox SLS-1 Class D NEW

221000 PDF       PDF  

Univox SLS-3 Class D 

223000 PDF PDF

Univox SLS-100 XF Discontinued. Demo Stock only

215100 PDF PDF PDF

Univox SLS-5 Class D 


Univox SLS-300 XF Discontinued No Stock

215300 PDF PDF PDF
Univox SLS-700 215700 PDF PDF PDF
Univox SLS-900 Discontinued 215900 PDF PDF
Univox PLS-X1 217100 PDF PDF PDF
Univox PLS-X3 217300 PDF PDF PDF
Univox PLS-X5 217500 PDF PDF PDF
Univox PLS-100 Discontinued 214100 PDF PDF PDF
Univox PLS-300 Discontinued 214300 PDF PDF PDF
Univox PLS-700 214700 PDF PDF
Univox PLS-900 Discontinued 214900 PDF PDF PDF
Univox AC/DC-100 212020 PDF PDF PDF
Univox AutoLoop 201500 PDF PDF PDF
Univox TV-200 Replaced by CLS-5 212011 PDF PDF PDF
Univox CLS-5 212012 PDF PDF PDF
Univox 380 Discontinued   PDF PDF    
Univox DLS-70 Discontinued 211020 PDF PDF PDF
Univox CLS-1 202054 PDF PDF   PDF
Univox DLS-30TV 203040 PDF PDF   PDF
Univox DLS-30 203010 PDF PDF   PDF
Univox DLS-30SC   PDF    
Portable loop
Univox P-Loop 212031 PDF PDF PDF
Complete systems
Univox CTC-120 202040A PDF PDF
Univox CTC-121 202040B PDF PDF
Univox CTC-122 Limited Stock 202040C PDF PDF
Univox CTC-123 Limited Stock 202040D PDF PDF
Univox TLS-2 213110 PDF PDF
Measurement control
Univox FSM 2.0 Field Strength Meter 401040 PDF PDF PDF
Univox Listener 230450 PDF PDF PDF
Copper foil 861023 PDF
Univox TV Sync 203060 PDF PDF
Univox Neck loop 283101 PDF
Transette -T Sign 962000 PDF PDF PDF
Microphones   PDF      
Wireless PA systems
OKAYO II Wireless microphone systems   PDF PDF    
OKAYO II Wireless Loudspeakers   PDF PDF    
OKAYO II Wireless Tour Guide System   PDF PDF    
OKAYO ATC 100 Tour Guide System   PDF PDF    
Univox DLS-50 Now CLS-1 202054 PDF PDF PDF
Univox DLS-30TV 203040 PDF PDF   PDF
Univox DLS-30 203010 PDF PDF   PDF
Alert Systems
EH-101 230850 PDF
UniWake 340020 PDF PDF PDF
SafeWake 345001 PDF
Infrared Assistive Listening          
1411 IR Transmiter 650300

1352P IR Pendant Receiver 650301
1905-3 1 slot Charger 682002
1930 10 slot charger 682020
1505 battery 173003
Transette T Sign 962000 PDF PDF PDF
General Publicity Materials
Accredited Partner Programme   PDF      
Accredited Partner Process   PDF      
Installer Training Eastbourne   PDF      
New Products Compared   PDF      

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