A guide to Specifying a Loop System

A Guide to Specifying a Loop SystemThis is a step by step guide to producing a specification for an induction loop system.
Each section covers a specific aspect of the specification with an explanation of its relevance.

Once completed, the information can be used to generate a system design to satisfy the requirements of the IEC Loop System performance Standard IEC60118-4:2006.

Furthermore, if the system is installed using 2.5mm copper tape or twin core 2.5mm2 cable and the displacement of the loop from the listening plane is no more than 2.5m, the appropriate amplifier can be selected directly from the guide.

The Guide is an A5 booklet, ready to print. For duplex (double sided prining, select' print on short edge' option in your printer settings

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Alernatively, For a conventional layout to read on screen, click here

Test Certificate and Log Book

For commisioning the systems down load our log book (you will need to set up an account to do this - Click 'Login' in the main menu and follow the instructions). The Logbook will then be accessible through the Knowledge Centre

Counter Loops

Counter Loop systems (1 to 1 systems) have less stringent performance requirements. Find out why and down load your free copy of our Counter Loop Test Certificate. By visiting counter Loops.

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