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Our Philosophy

Engineering Simplicity is a Univox® tradition underpinning everything we do. Our products are not only designed to perform, they are designed to make everything about using them simple.  From system planning, installation and testing to operating and maintenance Univox® has incorporated design features to keep it as simple as possible without compromising performance.

The world’s first professional constant current loop Amplifier created in 1969, the Univox®34A  is just one of many pioneering developments adding testimony to our philosophy; Constant current technology regulates the field strength across the frequency range automatically eliminating the need for manual equalisation.  Now 95% of all professional induction loop amplifiers are built this way.

The basic theory of audio induction loop technology is well known and making a system that transmits a signal is easy, but designing a system that transmits a clear audio signal at the correct field strength to cover a defined volume of space is not so straight forward.  The manufacturer is left with 3 options:-


• Buyer beware, 

• Offer a complex loop design process to keep in control

•  Design flexibility and redundancy into the system to keep things simple and empower the installer.


Univox® have chosen the third option.  The power of Univox® amplifiers is no accident; it is part of our Engineering Simplicity philosophy.  With more power in reserve, designs are not so critical.


Engineering Simplicity – The PLS range

All amplifiers in the PLS range are specified to operate with single and 2 turn loops using 2.5mm² cable. By installing a twin core multi-strand cable, the installer does not need to calculate cable impedance and he always has the flexibility to modify the performance of the system by:

 • Amplifier selection (defines the basic power available to the system)

• Connecting only one core - (standard connection method)

 • Connecting 2 cores in parallel (is equivalent to using a 5mm2 cable halving the impedance)

 • Connecting 2 cores in series (forms a 2 turn loop approximately doubling the impedance)

• Connecting 2 amplifiers (doubles the power of the system)

With this flexibility built in and assuming no fundamental laws of physics have been broken, the installer can select the PLS amplifier based on area coverage and be confident that the perimeter loop installation will perform to standard without spending hours on measurements and calculations


 Engineering Simplicity: SuperLoopTM  SLS 2 Range

For more complex applications where metal loss is significant or spill control is required, Univox® developed the SuperLoop, SLS-2  range, again with simplicity in mind  The smaller units are self-contained within a 19 inch rack mountable housing to simplify installation and connection but more significant is the universal standard loop design compatible with the entire range.  

The loop design compensates for metal loss, provides ultra-low spill performance, and offers almost 3D area coverage.  The design is easy to understand and with the software based drawing tool is simple to apply empowering the installer and saving time.

Whether it is to simplify system design, installation or operation, all our products have been engineered to make things a little easier, below are just a few more examples.


 Engineering Simplicity : FSM 2

 The Univox® FSM2 field strength meter  is a microprocessor controlled meter with alpha numeric display.  To speed up and simplify test and commissioning it  includes a 5 step measurement process  reflecting the performance standard IEC60118-4 :2006


Engineering Simplicity :  Loop Listener

 The Univox® Loop Listener is not just a loop receiver.  It has a headphone socket  a built in loud speaker and LED field strength indicators  meaning the facility operator can quickly  and simply access the sound quality and field strength of any  induction loop system.


Engineering Simplicity:  Domestic Products

Integrating an induction loop with a television has never been straight forward but with the fast pace of technology in this field it has become even more difficult.  In response, Univox® have developed a range of accessories and added features to keep it simple

 • Auto Scart is available on newer home induction loop products and as a standalone accessory.  Connected to the TV, it automatically connects the correct audio signal from the TV to the loop so you do not have to.

 Video Sync is available on the latest home induction loop products and as a standalone accessory.  Connect it between the audio output of your TV and the induction loop to regain control of the audio and synchronise it with the video.

 Auto Loop is an intelligent home induction loop amplifier which will automatically adjust the output to deliver the IEC standard approved field strength.  Combined with auto scart and video sync functions it is simply plug and enjoy.


 Engineering Simplicity: Copper tape dispenser

We strive to make Engineering simplicity a part of everything we do such as the small change we made  to package design; adding side walls to the packaging of the reels of copper tape, means that it is less likely to unravel and tangle reducing installation time.



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