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FREE Installer Training Course In Bristol

Induction Loops - Theory and Practice (Bristol 6th December 2019)

A two part training course on audio induction loop systems.  Aimed specifically at installers who are looking to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to take advantage of business opportunities for induction loop installations. 

Part 1 is a 90 minute webinar which will run on the and repeated on the 29th November at 10:30am to 12 noon.  Delegates will need access to the internet to participate in this.

Part 2 is a 1 day practical session, designing, installing and commissioning loop systems.  Delegates will need to bring a Wi Fi enabled laptop or tablet to this training day 6th December


Additionally, the course offers the first step to becoming a UnivoxAudio Accredited Partner. 

The course is FREE OF CHARGE to those who Book and attend.

Delegates who book a place on the course, but do not attend on the day will be charged a 'No Show ' fee of £70Frony Cover For Training Course

The Univox FSM2 Field Strength meter will be available for purchase on the day at a discounted rate of £170

Course Objectives

On completion of the course you will know:

  • Why induction loops are the preferred assistive listening technology
  • How induction loops work and where they are needed
  • Metal loss– what it is and how to compensate for it
  • Spill control– What it is and how to achieve it
  • The 6 basic loop configurations– What they are and when to use them
  • How to use multiple amplifiers for large area coverage
  • Requirements of the international standard  IEC 60118-4:2006
  • How to complete a site survey
  • The essential do’s and don’ts of induction loop installation
  • How to design an induction loop using  new Univox ® ‘Designaloop’ software
  • How to install and commission an induction loop system


  • First step to achieving UnivoxAudio Accredited Partner Status  - See ‘Your guide to becoming an Accredited Partner’ 
  • Raises professional standards and credibility
  • Quick and simple process for correct loop specification
  • Ensures correct first time installation
  • Ability to specify, design and install loops that deliver intelligible sound
  • Ability to specify, design and install loops that always meet standard
  • Knowledge to recognise good loop systems
  • Knowledge to maintain a working loop system
  • Expertise to provide full loop system specification at correct stage of contract


*New Univox® professional loop design software will be made available to everyone on the day of the course.  It will then be available exclusively to those who successfully complete the course and are working towards  accredited partner status.  See– Your guide to becoming an accredited partner.   


 Venue:   DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol City Centre Redcliffe Way, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS1 6NJ

To Book Your Place or To Find Out Other Course dates, Contact Ken - 01707 339216


Meet us at the 6th Institute of Sound & Communication Engineers Conference And Exhibition



On March 6th, we will be exhibiting at the 6th Institute of Sound & Communication Engineers Conference And Exhibition.

The event will take place at Coombe Abbey Brinklow Rd, Binley, Coventry CV3 2AB, UK.

Additional to the exciting new products from Univox such as the new Lower cost Infrared systems we will be introducing a new speaker range designed specifically for speech intelligibility in acoustically challenging environments..



It is a speaker array WITH ONLY 2 Wires

It contains 10 separate speaker cones WITH ONLY 2 Wires

It is a Linear array WITH ONLY 2 Wires

It gives Horizontal coverage to >170o WITH ONLY 2 Wires

Its vertical beam profile is Steerable WITH ONLY 2 Wires

It incorporates Digital Signal Processing WITH ONLY 2 Wires

It is an active speaker WITH ONLY 2 Wires

It Covers a range of 20-22m with high speech intelligibility WITH ONLY 2 Wires.


This unique linear speaker array uses the same 2 wires as a conventional passive speaker but delivers 21st century sound.

Join us at ISCE and find out how its done And how you can transform your Customer's audio system in a day.


Power and Audio Combined on a twin core 1mm2 cable

Meet us at the Christian Resources Exhibition

From Wednesday March 13th to Thursday March 14th find us at the Christian Resources Exhibition, which will take place at Event City, Pheonix Way Trafford City Manchester M41 7TB

Meet us at Integrated Systems Europe

From Tuesday 5th February to Friday 8th February we will be at Integrated Systems Europe. Meet us at the RAI Amsterdam Stand Location Hall 7- T196

Tendzone DSP For Free

Tendzone DSP For Free

Tendzone are the biggest selling Matrix DSP Supplier in Asia.  But as yet unheard of in Europe and the USA.

To help you understand just why they are so popular we are giving you a chance to get your hands on a Matrix DSP unit FREE OF CHARGE.

You can select from any one of the units listed below:

 Solon 8A ♦ Solon 16A ♦ Solon M440 DANTE Plus ♦ Timon 8E ♦ Timon 16E

Your installation will need to be in the UK and completed by 31st December.  We will require permission to use the installation as a refernce site in marketing material.

This offer is Limited to the first 3 companies who make a valid submission.

If your project requires more than one Matrix DSP, then, subject to availability, the most expensive will be free

Call Ken or Simon to make your claim  01707 339216                    



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