The Power of Univox

The understated power of our induction loop amplifiers sets them apart, making system design and installation quick and simple.

The high output power and in particular, the high output current of Univox® amplifiers relative to other products in the same sectors is all part of our 'Engineering Simplicity' philosophy.

Whether you need an induction loop system for a professional, domestic or transport application, in most cases, the system selection is simple without the need for graphs and calculators.

The area coverage figure on all our data sheets is based on a square.
This requires more current than covering the same area based on a rectangle.

Square Area coverage vs Rectangular Area Coverage

The Power of Univox: Professional range

The high output power of the professional range of induction loop amplifiers supports a Univox® tradition of engineering simplicity. The PLS range of induction loop amplifiers are all capable of driving single and 2 turn loops using 2.5mm cable. By installing a twin core multi-strand cable, the installer always has the flexibility to modify the performance of the system by:-

  • Amplifier selection (defines the basic power available to the system)
  • Connecting only one core - (standard connection method)
  • Connecting 2 cores in parallel (increases the field strength when output current is available but voltage headroom is low)
  • Connecting 2 cores in series (increases the field strength when voltage headroom is sufficient but current output is low)
  • Connecting 2 amplifiers (doubles the power of the system)

With this flexibility built in and assuming no fundamental physical laws have been broken, the installer can be confident that the perimeter loop installation will perform to standard without spending hours on measurements and calculations.

The Power of Univox: Univox®  Multi-loop

The Power of Univox, specifically, the high output current of the amplifiers supports our multi-loop technology and facilitates some unique induction loop configurations such as in phase and out of phase Super8 loops. Only Univox® amplifiers have sufficient current output to drive these parallel loop configurations, and in so doing, the area coverage of a single amplifier can be more than doubled, further increasing the value proposition of the product range.

The Power of Univox: Univox® Superloop

The Power of Univox underpins our Superloop technology enabling us to achieve 'Engineering Simplicity' in this area of complex phased array loop design. By taking advantage of the output power of our amplifiers, Superloop amplifiers, will all drive a standard superloop loop design. This standard design provides almost 3D area coverage and is always ultra-low spill.

The system designer can use our simple on-line superloop layout tool knowing that the design will be dimensioned to fit the room, and installable. The correct superloop amplifier can be determined by the total cable length of the largest loop array. The designer does not need to know whether confidentiality is an issue, whether other loops are, or will be installed in close proximity or if users will be tilting their head as all these issues are taken care of.

A custom loop design service is available free of charge if required.

The Power of Univox :Lifts

The power of Univox is fundamental to our dedicated lift amplifier. With engineering simplicity in mind, this amplifier has sufficient output to drive a loop installed on top of the lift car and still provide full standard compliant area coverage within it. Installation as a retrofit or new build is kept quick and easy.

The Power of Univox : Cross Counter Systems

The power of Univox ensures counters, no matter what the construction, can be fitted with a standard compliant induction loop system. Counters with metal tops and or sides require significantly higher loop current to establish the correct field strength as the metal absorbs (attenuates) the signal. Univox® have 2 amplifiers for this application with different output capabilities, the smallest of which has an output significantly higher than most competitor units.

The Power of Univox :Transport

The power of Univox is fundamental in the looping of trains, trams, coaches, ferries and other vehicles where metal, including highly conductive aluminium is liberally used in their construction. Without the high output delivered by our dedicated amplifiers, loop systems in these environments would not be viable.

The Power of Univox :Domestic

The power of Univox extends to the domestic range -The output current of all the products in the domestic range exceed that of the competition which means the home user does not really need to know the metal content of his floors and ceilings or exactly where the loop will be installed in the room before he buys a Univox® product. Furthermore with our latest Autoloop amplifier, there is no need to set the system up, simply 'plug, listen and enjoy.'

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