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Our People in the UK

Ken Hollands

Managing Director - UnivoxAudio Ltd

Ken Hollands BSc. is Managing Director of UnivoxAudio Ltd. He is a graduate electronics engineer with a 28 year career that includes electronic engineering, sales, marketing and commercial management within the communications industry. He has specific expertise and knowledge on an extensive and diverse range of advanced materials technologies and induction loop technology.

He has commercial experience gained in blue chip and start up companies within advanced technologies for communications, sensing and imaging including GE Medical, Hamamatsu Photonics, Marconi Caswell, and JDS Uniphase.

For over 7 years he was Commercial Director at induction loop company - Ampetronic.

Ken has overall managerial responsibility for the company's success and helping Bo Edin to achieve their vision in the UK.

The hard of hearing have been let down for too long. Poor products, incorrect installation and a general lack of understanding about what makes a good induction loop just adds to the problem.
I am pleased and proud to be working with such a respected and experienced organisation as Bo Edin and look forward to the challenges and hopefully successes that my new role will bring both for us and those that we are trying to help.

He is passionate about assistive listening, knowing that where it is correctly specified and installed, it will make a very real and significant improvement to the quality of life for the hard of hearing

Ken enjoys badminton - which he has played for 37 years -, new technology, photography and DIY - with a little encouragement from his wife.

Our People in Sweden

Meta Bernhager

Managing Director- Bo Edin SE (Univox)

Meta Bernhager is Managing Director of Bo Edin SE (Univox) in Sweden. She has overall responsibility for the company's commercial operations with a specific focus on marketing, business development and sales.
She works in partnership with her team to help the company grow internationally. Meta has been with the company since 2002.

Meta has marketing experience from a variety of organisations including mining, healthcare, automotive safety, radio frequency identification and image processing.

Univox aren't just any assistive listening company. I help to shape the future for an organisation with integrity.
We believe strongly in designing and developing very high performance and well engineered products that really improve the quality of life for the hard of hearing all over the world.
That is something I am very proud to be part of

Meta committed to maintaining and improving customer service and introducing new products that benefit both the end user and the environment.

To keep fit and trim Meta cycles to work every day. She plays golf in the summer and when she can, grabs every opportunity to watch an exciting game of handball.

Johan Håkanson

Export Area Sales Manager - Bo Edin SE (Univox)

Johan Håkanson is Export Area Sales Manager of Bo Edin SE (Univox) in Sweden. He is a graduate in marketing and economics and is responsible for supporting and developing relationships and sales with existing distributors. Additionally he develops opportunities within specialist areas and markets e.g.: buses, trains, museums, and lifts. Johan has been with the company since 2004.

To help customers understand what assistive listening should be, he trains and educates on induction loop technology and the Univox philosophy and values.

Johan has over 20 years experience within the electrical products industry including a Swedish electrical trade chain, a German light source manufacturer and a Swedish manufacturer of light fixtures.

The daily contact with people all over the world is challenging and fun. I particularly like working for a company that produces products that make such a big difference to so many people

As a father of three, Johan has his hands full. But when he gets the opportunity, he enjoys a round of golf, socialising with friends over dinner or simply relaxing in his garden.

Thomas Plahn

Export Area Sales Manager - Bo Edin SE (Univox)

Thomas Plahn is Export Area Sales Manager of Bo Edin SE (Univox®) in Sweden. He is responsible for supporting and developing relationships and sales with existing distributors. Additionally he identifies potential distributors in new territories and markets. He has been with the company since 2010.

As part of the support for distributors and partners, Thomas is responsible for identifying and organising the production of all Univox® marketing and sales material.

Thomas has a background in international sales and marketing. He has worked with companies in the UK, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

I like the open-minded culture of the company, the way everyone's opinion is welcomed and valued no matter what your day to day responsibility is.
I also enjoy the day to day contact with my international distributors

When Thomas is not being dad to two bundles of energy and when he gets some time to himself, he likes jogging, football, cooking, and wine tasting.

Christer Lundstrom

Domestic Area Sales Manager - Bo Edin SE (Univox®)

Christer Lundstrom is Domestic Area Sales Manager of Bo Edin SE (Univox®) in Sweden. He is responsible for supporting and developing relationships and sales with distributors and resellers in Sweden. Christer has been with the company since 2007.

Christer has extensive knowledge of assistive listening devices and in particular induction loops. He began his career in 1974 at LIC Audio, one of the largest Swedish distributors of medical care products including assisting listening products, and has experience in product management, sales and installation.

I really like meeting different people and because I work for a company that is committed to quality and excellence , it is a lot easier to have happy and satisfied customers

To keep fit and healthy, Christer takes part in a wide range of sports. With an interest in nature and wildlife, he also enjoys walking in the swedish countryside.

Louise Romare

Head of Administration – Bo Edin SE (Univox)

Louise Romare is Head of Administration at Bo Edin SE (Univox) in Sweden. She manages the company’s administration, logistics and book keeping. Louise has been with the company since 1998.

Louise is an experienced administrator and worked for many years with a state owned company who furnished the swedish embassy offices in countries all over the world.

A lot of what I do is directly related to the products and the fulfilment of customer orders, seeing the importance of what I do and how it helps to make things happen, makes my job meaningful and satisfying.

Louise enjoys the outdoors and gardening. She likes to read, visit the theatre and spend quality time with her family, and in particular her grandchildren.

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