Domestic Assistive Listening

Unlike wearing glasses, a hearing aid, including the best digital aids, do not bring all the sounds back into perfect focus. So whether you are in your own home, or on the move, there will be situations where that extra little bit of help to hear and most importantly understand a situation can be the difference between enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation or confusion, frustration and anxiety.
Public venues are legally obliged to provide assistive listening, however, not all of them do, and many systems do not work as well as they should.

Our parent company- Univox® has spent the past 46 years investing in assistive listening for both the professional and domestic user. In this section you will find an extensive range of domestic induction loop amplifiers and TV accessories, personal listeners and sound alerters.

  • To help you choose the right domestic induction loop system and accessories for your needs, take a look at our guide:
    Choosing the right induction Loop system for your Home.
  • You will find more information on our assistive listening products below or you can visit our on line shop Hear at Home for further detail and to make a purchase.

Our Domestic Loop Series, (DLS) amplifiers are also featured in the Professional Product Range under the section Low Power Amplifiers as they have been designed for the professional installer in mind with features and power capabilities that reflects this.
The largest induction loop amplifier in the range is, the TV200, which covers 200m2 and as the name suggests, integrates directly with a television making it ideal for use in common rooms, TV lounges, care homes etc.

Induction Loops For the Home

Our range of domestic induction loop systems has been designed with the professional in mind. All our induction loop amplifiers feature our unique dual action AGC and high output current- so that you can enjoy the same audio quality and sound clarity you would expect from our professional range of induction loops and never miss a word.

The NEW CLS-5 includes an Optical/Coaxial input

Features & Benefits

  • 2 Year Warranty for peace of mind and low cost of ownership
  • Proprietary Dual Action AGC ‘Always on Technology’ so you never miss a word.
  • Very high output current compared to competitor products in the same class for superior performance.
  • Short circuit proof electronics for your safety.
  • Multiple inputs for installation flexibility
  • High quality audio for clarity and intelligibility
Product NameSquare Area CoverageAuto ScartVideo SynchInputsDatasheetInstallation Manual
DLS30SC 30m² YES NO 3   PDF
AutoLoop 50m² NO NO 2 PDF PDF
CLS-1 50m² NO NO 3 PDF PDF
DLS70 70m² NO NO 3 PDF PDF
TV200 Replaced by CLS-5 200m² YES YES 7 PDF

Loop Systems For the Home

Induction Loops For The Home

  • Rooms in the Home
  • Communal TV Lounges
  • Nursing Homes
  • Homes for the Elderly

Induction Loop Accessories for TV's

The accessories for a TV can be used with any induction loop amplifier and other audiovisual equipment such as a DVD player, to simplify its connection to the TV and or correct for audio video synchronization error (lips not moving in synchronisation with the video).

Features & Benefits

  • 2 Year Warranty for peace of mind and low cost of ownership
  • Simplifies connection to a TV
  • Solves picture to video synchronisation error (TV Sync)
Product NameFunctionFeaturesDatasheetInstallation Manual
TV Sync Provides audio delay to enable the synchronisation of the sound with the video
  • Variable control of audio delay
  • Auto Scart Function
AutoScart Automatically connects the attached audio player (induction loop amplifier) to the correct Audio signal from the TV
  • In line Scart connectors

Loop Accessories for the TV

Induction Loop Accessories for the TV

  • Auto Scart
  • TV Sync

Personal Assistive Listening Products

In addition to the extensive range of induction loop amplifiers for the home, we have a range of personal assistive listening products listed below.
You will find more information on all of these personal assistive listening products in our on line shop – Hear at Home.

Product NameFunctionFeaturesDatasheetInstallation Manual
Neck Loop Personal Induction Loop
  • Easy to use
  • Works with all types and makes of T-coil equipped hearing aids
  • Works with many types of sound sources with a 3.5mm audio output
  • Low weight for high wearing comfort
  • Unobtrusive design and colour
Personal Wireless Conference System Personal portable FM radio system. For meetings and conferences The personal wireless conference system is a professional FM system that has been customised by our experts for hearing aid users. It is a low cost alternative to many of the personal FM Systems produced by hearing aid manufacturers    
Uniwake Sound activated vibrating alarm
  • Built-in back-up battery for peace of mind
  • Built-in microphone
  • Works with 2nd external microphone (not supplied) for distant sound monitoring
  • Independent sensitivity control for both microphones to avoid/minimise false alarms
  • LED indicator for activated alarm
  • LED indicator for connected power supply
  • LED indicator for power failure and the battery back-up activated
  • Independent trigger input to connect any external devices.
  • Trigger output for triggering external devices.
Personal Listener EH-101 Multi-functional personal listener
  • Volume control >25dB- Extra amplification to help you hear
  • Tone control for tailoring the sound to you
  • Built-in microphone with high sensitivity for picking out sounds otherwise inaudible to you
  • Built-in loop receiver for use with induction loop systems without the need for a hearing aid
  • AUX Input – Take advantage of the extra amplification to better hear your MP3, telephone, external microphone etc.
  • Special coating to reduce noise caused by handling
  • Operating time up to 300 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries (supplied)
  • Carrying case, neck lanyard and headset included
  • Compatible with neck loop or hook (accessories)
  • Background noise (hum) filter 500Hz

Assistive Listening for Transport

Assistive Listening for Transport - UnivoxAudio

Pre-recorded Tour Guides

Pre-recorded Tour Guides

Professional FM Systems

Professional FM Systems

Live Tour Guide Systems

Live Tour Guide System

Fixed Architecture DSP

Fixed Architecture DSP

Open Architecture DSP

Open Architecture DSP

Digital Audio Amplifiers

Digital Audio Open Amps