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Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate how Univox™ products and expertise has been used to power intelligibility in diverse environments including prestigious museums and busy international airports to hotel chains and traditional English country churches.

St Leonard's Church, Somerset, UK

St.Leonard's Church Case study
  • Challenge: To modernise facilities within a historic church building

  • Solution: A Public announcement and induction loop system

  • Benefit: Clear sound throughout the church, for those with and without hearing aids

Scandic Hotels

Scandic Hotels
  • Challenge: Making the hotel accessible to the hearing impaired without compromising aesthetics

  • Solution: Cross counter loops, portable loops and alarm clocks with built in vibration pillow

  • Benefit: A better and more enjoyable experience for the hearing impaired, increased bookings guests and overall appeal of hotel chain

World Expo, Zaragoza, Spain

World Expo, Zaragoza, Spain Case study
  • Challenge: A practical way of ensuring accessibility for the hearing impaired at a large scale event

  • Solution: Installation of induction loops in key public areas throughout the theatres and arenas

  • Benefit: The hearing impaired did not need to disclose their disability, they could hear easily and clearly by simply switching their hearing aid to the ‘t’ position...

The National Museum of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

The National Museum of Art, Stockholm, Sweden Case study
  • Challenge: A good tour guide system that served those with hearing loss and normal hearing equally well, making a visit to the museum more informative and enjoyable for all

  • Solution: A high performance wireless tour guide system

  • Benefit: Versatile and flexible system that makes life easier for tour guide staff and has helped to increase visits to the museum generally.

Home for the Elderly, Kontula, Finland

Home for the Elderly, Kontula, Finland Case study
  • Challenge: To enable elderly residents to enjoy a range of activities whilst avoiding any induction loop spill

  • Solution: The installation of 48 Univox Superloop SLS's® in public areas ranging in size from 25 - 120m²

  • Benefit: Elderly residents were able to enjoy music, TV and listen to a sermon or lecture without the loop spill in their room spilling into adjacent rooms and being heard by others.

Brisbane International Airport, Australia

Brisbane International Airport, Australia Case study
  • Challenge: An effective public announcement system at a busy and noisy international airport where accessing floors is impractical and difficult and original competitor installation, ineffective.

  • Solution: Making adjustments, replacing and refitting loop cable and using much more powerful induction loop amplifiers.

  • Benefit: Fully operational and significantly improved induction loop system for the hard of hearing, complying with Australian standard AS-1428 in many areas of the airport.

Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark

Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark Case study
  • Challenge: Enabling the hard of hearing to enjoy good quality sound taking ito account tiered seating and different construction materials including reinforced concrete and steel

  • Solution: The installation of Univox SuperLoopSeries® induction loops, professional loops and cross counter loops within a carefully designed system throughout the opera house.

  • Benefit: Exceptional sound quality and clarity whether on floor level or in tiered seating enabling hearing impaired opera fans to enjoy live music and libretto, increasing visits to the opera house.

Platform information system Hong Kong Underground

Platform information system Hong Kong Underground Case study
  • Challenge: An audible passenger information system for the hearing impaired in one of the noisiest and most heavily utilized transport systems in the world.

  • Solution: The installation of high performance induction loops in both information desks and the platform information system.

  • Benefit: Clear and audible announcements to help the hearing impaired receive the information they need to travel, making their journey less stressful.

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